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15 Year Mortgages: Are They Worth It?

For most buyers, a 30-year mortgage is the first and only option when it comes to borrowing to buy a home. However, whenever it is possible, a 15-year mortgage is the ideal choice for some homebuyers who are able to afford higher monthly payments. As suggested by the timeline in the name, this mortgage gives […]

Will My Property Taxes Change When I Refinance?

Refinancing can be a great money-saving move, and one of the biggest questions asked when inquiring about a refinance is, “how will this affect my current property taxes?” From a tax perspective, refinancing is viewed differently than an initial mortgage, because it’s seen as “debt restructuring.”  The primary time that property taxes change in California […]

Questions to Ask a Mortgage Lender

Owning a new home is a huge milestone and one of the many individual life goals that we strive to achieve. To achieve this dream, one has to figure out a reasonable and achievable plan to make owning a home a reality. After all, only a small percentage of people can afford to pay for […]

The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing an Investment Pr...

Refinancing has made its way into the headlines recently for the ridiculously low-interest rates that can be seen since the COVID-19 crisis began. Property owners everywhere are interested in refinancing, and they want answers. Key points: Why, when, and where to refinance Investment property vs. primary residence refinance How to refinance an investment property Why […]